Best Multi Effects Pedal

Since the 80s, digital effects have continued to expand exponentially from the past rackmount units to modern processors which are becoming immensely powerful each year.

Multi effects pedals and floor processors are designed with more fidelity, diverse effects, increased processing power, and multiple routing possibilities. This provides a practical solution for guitarists on a budget to access full-stack effects in a single unit.

Giant progress in multi effects production has caused a remarkable rise in their usage among guitarists since they offer countless options to choose from.

Regardless of whether you are a beginner or a hardcore pedal-player, now it’s the right time to start exploring how your rig can benefit from the best multi effects pedals.

The Best Multi Effects Pedal

Boss GT-1000 Guitar Multi Effects Processor

The GT-1000 floorboard is sleek and grand, with a robust build and a modern finish. It blends the previous three models into one dreadful beast. This processor delivers big time in terms of refined sound quality, solid reliability, and excellent feature-setup.

For an additional pedal, the rear is designed with an input and a USB recording jack for inserting single stereo external expression and agile send for amp channel-changeover.

However, the editing space is not super intuitive, for example, changing between patches turns off the tube screamer, and switch to a chain without gain block-style in rack-standard processing which can be tough for newbies.

The GT-1000 comes highly enriched with dozens of effects such as reverbs, modulations, drives, and delays with an incredible sampling frequency of 96 kHz.


Massive effects range

Sturdy construction

Exceptional amp model


Patch system is beginner unfriendly

Line 6 Helix Multi Effects Pedal

Line 6 HX is a true definition of incredible power and might place right under your feet.

The multi-colored lights and doodle strips above the footswitches help you to edit patches and monitor the HX effects.

This double-DSP-powered multi effects pedal comes with a sturdy combination of 80 effects, 30 cabs, 7 bass amps, 16mics, and 41 sampled amps.

As if that is not enough, Line 6 HX is equipped with 1024 presets arrayed into eight sets with 32 banks each holding four presets. Surprisingly, each single preset can support a maximum of 4 signal stereo paths with 8 divisions stacked with effects and amps.

The editing system of this model has been made easier by the touch-sensitive footswitches with a veritable joystick that allows you to switch the parameter using your feet and balance it with the pedal treadle.

The versatility of this multi effects pedal goes beyond factory settings and allows you to preset the processor to fit your taste and style.

The incredible input and output signal routing potential have enough drive to power onstage performance or a guitar-sampling studio. 


Excellent playability

Digital accuracy

HeadRush Pedalboard  

HeadRush Pedalboard is a quad-core DSP powered processor packed with multiple features such as a user-friendly guitar interface, a 20 minutes record time looper, reverb, and custom loading of extra impulse responses with delay and tail spill-over into presets.

The phenomenal 7-inch touch-sensitive screen allows you to edit and create new patches while the 12 footswitches are designed with scribble LED color emitting strips for indicating the performance of every switch. 

HeadRush Pedalboard produces clean amp sound without any hiss even on cranked-up gain patches.

The sonic clarity becomes more convincing as you explore deeper. Whether you are more into amps than effects, the HeadRush pedalboard processor is worth more than you can imagine.


Touchscreen, LED color scribble strips.

Audio interface

Inbuilt sound to cover the essentials


Lack of software editor

Limited routing options

Line 6 HX Stomp

The HX Stomp multi-effects pedalboard comes highly-powered and full-stack with 300 effects such as 6 patches legacy line, amp, cab and mic options, full-flat, and Helix M series. On top of that, this processor supports the loading of external responses this allows you to load your personal modeled amps and commercial impulse responses with much ease.

With MIDI input and output, you are allowed to incorporate a pedal switcher-controlled rig into the HX Stomp and experience the professional-toned effects attraction.

For guitarists preferring distinct modulations, HX Stomp is highly customizable with an array of effects to select from, and responsive footswitches for smooth setting and editing your patches.


Integrates with MIDI systems

Amazing sonic potential

Excellent performance as a standalone or with a pedalboard


Not easy to set up compared to larger Helix processors

Zoom G5n

The Zoom G5n multi effects pedal is a cost-effective notable option for beginners and experienced players seeking to expand their cabinet. 

This latest generation of the zoom series comes stuffed with 68 digital effects, emulators, 10 amps, and 80 seconds looping time stereo looper.

The audio connection via USB directly into your computer allows you to record your tracks at home or on stage with an option to run the Zoom G5n direct into the PA.

If you are looking for a tool to sharpen your craft, G5n is a nifty practice multi-effects pedal processor designed with inbuilt drum rhythms, an aux input, and a headphone output for your skillful practice.

Considering the low pricing, the G5n is a spectacular sonic multi-effects pedal unit, with amazing versatility and a flexible range of exceptional effects, This closes the gap for musicians on a low budget.


Regular software updates

Huge memory reserve


Limited to four footswitches

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